One of the MOST Important Principles for Single Adults-Parashat Chayei Sarah

May You Be Like Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah…

It is very easy for a single adult, who is trying to live a life of Torah, to become hopeless wondering if they will ever meet the ONE Hashem has for them. It can be lonely and confusing… But as Rebbe Nachman declares, “Never ever despair!”. The Torah has every answer to every situation, one must simply take the teachings of the forefathers/mothers of the Faith to heart and apply them. There is a profound reason that every Shabbat the children around the Shabbat table are blessed by their parents with the following words, (for boys) “May Hashem make you like Efrayim and Menashe”, and (for girls) “May Hashem make you like Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah”...for each of the fathers and mothers of the Faith are known for a special attribute that one must try every day to emulate. Watch from beginning to end and learn from parashat Chayei Sarah on how to tend your heart, mind, and soul in the way of “kedusha”, holiness, while waiting for the ONE Hashem has for YOU. Baruch Hashem for this word of Torah from Yeshivat Shuvu talmid, Tamir Kreisman as he delivers a weekly program on called, “Pearls of Torah”.

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